List of Cryptocurrencies

Technology is advancing very fast. Even before the news of drones conducting strikes in theaters fade, another tech is in the offing. Last month, Sophia the bot with capabilities of doing many human jobs was launched and given Saudi Arabia citizenship.

However, the most fascinating of these technologies is blockchain networks. Cryptocurrencies have become the biggest and most popular things in the globe today. The technology is targeted at providing an alternative currency that is not controlled by central authorities. Well, this is not all.

The blockchain technologies are crafted to facilitate the instant transfer of money in an anonymous model. When technology levels the playing field for all and eliminates all bureaucratic obstacles. Here are the trends you need to know today.

The blockchain technology presents a solution to all niches

In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto pioneered the blockchain technology that has now become sensational. But Satoshi simply opened a lid to these technologies. In only 9 years, over 900 cryptocurrencies have hit the market. This is really fast.

Every new cryptocurrency comes with additional features and capabilities. For Satoshi, the core focus was enhancing the payment systems. Now, you can use the crypto networks for communication, scientific research, online shopping, artificial intelligence, and media.

Irrespective of your niche, there is no doubt that blockchain technology has something special to offer. Well, you better see it this way because things are unfolding fast.

Recent blockchain trends

Because of the many applications that can be accomplished using blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies are now being touted as the next generation gold. We are in a cashless society being driven by this blockchain technology.

The interest in cryptocurrencies has made people flock to search engines to find out what it is and how it works. The demand for crypto assets such as Bitcoin and Ether among others is showing no sign of ebbing out.

Today, the most traded cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. It has a market capitalization of $119,209,134,827. Its price is also the highest at $7,146. Based on market capitalization, here are the first top crypto assets.

As a pioneer, Bitcoin has withered many battles including its exchange getting closed at some points in countries like China. The rapid blockchain technology growth has thrown many administrations into disarray as they try to come up with the legal framework, streamline application, and implement controls.

The final take

The emerging cryptocurrency trends in the last 9 years have affirmed the argument that the globe is adrift towards blockchain technology. The never slowing demand for cryptocurrencies has ushered the society into a new era of sharing economy, better services, and new currencies that people can own.
This leaves people with no choice but to join the bandwagon. Continue getting the latest trends, learn, and be part of this technology before it is too late.

                Notice! All currencies are in AUD.